AMPA Amended 2019

Clause 1: NAME

1.1 On 16 March 2010, in Dakar, an Association with an unspecified term called the African Maritime Pilots Association (AMPA), which shall hereinafter be referred to as: AMPA was established.

1.2 The Association is apolitical, non-governmental, not for profit and non-denominational.


The Association headquarters have been established in Tangiers by the 2nd General Meeting held in this town on October 14th 2019 for a period of two terms.

In regard of this provision, AMPA is in compliance with Moroccan governing law, and especially under the provisions of the Dahir n°1-58-378 of November 27 1958 as amended from time to time and by these articles of association.

Nonetheless, they may be transferred at any time by the General Meeting upon a proposal of the General Secretariat.


3.1 The Association consists of the National, local Pilots’ Association or any Pilot Station (hereinafter referred to as: Member) of various African countries that have Seaports.

3.2 Different pilots’ organizations from the same country could be accepted as members provided that there is no commercial competition between them in the same pilotage area.


4.1     To promote the status and empowerment of the maritime pilot.

4.2     To promote safe and professional piloting all over the continent

4.3     To promote between its members the cooperation, the gathering and exchange of technical, legal or social information relating to piloting in general.

4.4     To participate in General Meetings of continental and sub continental ports organizations,(North – East and Southern – West and Center) Conferences or Meetings during which maritime issues in general and those affecting port maritime services in particular are discussed.

4.5     To collaborate closely with maritime and port organizations at international level, and provide technical, legal or educational support to the requesting Organizations.

4.6     To take measures necessary to safeguard and promote working conditions of Pilots all over the continent.

4.7     To create correspondence working groups as specialist technical committees responsible for studying problems linked to the Piloting profession, as well as drawing up and publishing suitable recommendations.

4.8     To collect and share information about the work of its members and about the latest technological innovations in piloting.

4.9     To organize Conferences, Conventions or Seminars on the profession.

4.10   To maintain permanent cooperation with any International or Intergovernmental Organizations in the maritime sector, and to provide specialist opinions if necessary



5.1 The official languages of the Association are English and French.

5.2 Nonetheless, during meetings of internal structures or the General Meeting, the use of other languages may be permitted by the chairperson and in this case, if deemed necessary by the chair, an interpreter must be made available to the speaker.


While respecting the independence and autonomy of each of its Members, membership of the Association can be given to any National, local Pilots’ Association or to any Pilot Station, as per ‘‘clause 3 Formation’’ conditions.  Application shall be submitted to the General Meeting before approval.


Suspension may occur:

7.1 Through withdrawal of the member.

7.2 By decision of the Secretariat General for a valid reason in the interest of the Association, subject to confirmation by the General Meeting.

Readmission of membership shall be allowed upon conditions as the General meeting considers proper in the circumstances.

7.3 The member Organization that has been suspended or that has withdrawn, loses all its rights and shall not claim any reimbursement of any kind.


This consists of membership gifts, bequests and various grants from natural and legal persons.


The organs of the Association are:

The General Meeting;

The correspondence groups as specialized Committees.



9.1 Delegates appointed to represent their Pilots’ Organizations at Assemblies and General Meetings of the Association must be members of pilots’ organization comprising active pilots.

9.2 The list of delegates of a member Pilots’ Organization at a General Meeting must reach the General Secretariat of the Association at least two (2) weeks before the date of the Meeting.

9.3 Costs incurred by delegates during Meetings and General Meetings shall be borne by the Organizations that have appointed them. In addition, the National Association hosting the General Assembly could set a participation fee for delegates to cover general meeting expenses.


The General Meeting is the most important organ of the Association.

11.1 It must be held once every two years at the times and places set by the General Meeting.

11.2 It considers and decides on any problems brought to it by the General Secretary.

11.3 A pilots’ Organizations may submit a problem to it through the General Secretariat once it is approved by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the countries attending.

11.4 The General Secretariat must inform member Organizations of the date of the General Meeting at least sixteen (16) weeks before, and send them any documents to be considered therein.

11.5 The organization of the General Meeting is ensured jointly by the General Secretariat of the Association and the host pilots’ Organization.

11.6 A Pilots’ Organization that cannot attend may be represented by another. Nonetheless, this representation must result from a power of attorney duly signed by the legal director of this Organization, drawn up in two copies of which one shall be sent to the representative and the other to the General Secretariat of the Association at least one (1) week before the General Meeting is held.

11.7 A pilots’ Organization may not represent more than two other absent Organizations.

11.8. A General Meeting shall only constitute a quorum if half of the member countries are represented therein.

11.9 The voting procedure used during the General Meeting, except for the elections specified in these Articles of Association, is a vote by show of hands, with each member country being entitled to two votes.

11.10 During the General Meeting, decision is made by a simple majority of votes. If the votes are tied, the Chairperson holds the casting vote.

11.11 The General Meeting itself must elect a President and a Vice-President.

11.12 The elected President must belong to the National Organization hosting the current General Meeting and the Vice-President must be a member of the country Organization to host the next coming General Meeting.

11.13 The president and/or the vice-president will represent AMPA in all events organized by the main regional or continental port management associations in Africa. If they are unable to attend, they can nominate a member of a Pilots’ Organization of their choice to represent our association at these events.

11.14 The General Meeting may also elect honorary members or endorse proposals from the General Secretariat or half of the National Organizations present, such as:

Active or retired Pilots from a member Organization,

Other resource persons invited by the General Secretariat, may attend the General Meeting.

11.15 Only members and the delegates mentioned in Clause 9 may speak during the General Meeting. Other participants may only speak with the express permission of the Chair.


12.1 The General Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Association. To this end, he is responsible for:

  • Keeping the Association’s registers and documents up to date.
  • Preparing General Meetings.
  • Preparing the correspondence groups meetings
  • Drawing up the minutes of any meeting.
  • Keeping the list of Association members up to date.
  • Keeping the Association’s correspondence up to date
  • Writing reports about meetings.


12.2 He is elected by the General Meeting and works under the supervision of the President to whom he is responsible.

12.3 He may be assisted in his work by any other person whom the President deems necessary and whom he shall appoint to this end.


13.1 These are the Association’s think tanks and design organs. Their number and composition are decided by the General Meeting electing their Chairpersons.

13.2 Their members come from the Pilots Organizations they represent and may work by conference call.

13.3 The quorum required to hold a specialist committee meeting is equal to half its members plus one. Decisions are made by majority voting; if the votes are tied, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.



14.1 Articles may be amended, modified or removed, and/or  new article added only with the consent of half (1/2) of the member countries attending the General Meeting.

14.2 Any amendment, modification or removal of an article or any new article suggested by the General Secretariat or a member Pilots Organization must be sent to the Secretary General, who shall distribute it to all member Organizations at least one week before the General Meeting is held.


15.1 The only official Articles of the Association are those written in English. To this end, any amendment, modification, removal or new article must be submitted and approved in this language.

15.2 The approval of at least one representative of each member country of these Articles of the Association, translated into the official language of the country, shall be required.


Each Pilots organization must give notice of its acceptance of these Articles of the Association by authorizing its representative to sign a copy thereof, which shall be kept by the General Secretary for this purpose.


17.1 The Association may be dissolved at any time by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Pilots Organizations voting at a General Meeting.

17.2 If dissolved, the Association’s property shall, once all debts have been paid, be distributed in equal parts between members.

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